I'm thrilled to announce my first book, Bella Bella Quilts: Stunning Designs from Italian Mosaics, from C&T Publishing.

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I'm a Craftsy Instructor
Now I teach on-line!

Welcome to my website!

I hope you'll stay and visit.

I'm Norah McMeeking and I love to quilt and teach.
I enjoy every step of the process of quiltmaking,
especially design and that "hit the bull's eye"
feeling of good piecing!

This site displays my quilts and
some of my students' quilts;
describes my lectures and classes;
and provides an opportunity to
do a little shopping.

I also organize a quilters'
tour to England, and hope
to add a tour to Italy to see
the floors that inspired
Bella, Bella Quilts. For more
information, see Special Programs
on my Classes page.

Tips and Corrections

©2006 Norah McMeeking