Bella Bella Patchwork

Detail: Rossini's Rings

It can be easy to "miss" what's under our feet, but not in the case of the fabulous marble floors of Italy-which lend themselves to stunning patchwork. This slide lecture and trunk show is based on my book, published in Fall 2005 by C&T, which examines these multifaceted designs and, using simple techniques, puts them within reach of most quilters. These floors inspire a new approach to sampler quilts that allows secondary patterns to be explored. The distinctive bands lend themselves to use in appliqué quilts as well. The possibilities are endless. (slide show with trunk show of quilts).

St. Peters skylight

San Giovanni

Sun streams down from the dome to illuminate the marble floors of St. Peter's. A design from San Giovanni in Laterano where the floors were restored in the 19th century.
San Giovanni San Giovanni
Pillars from the ruins of ancient Rome were sliced into circles for many pavements. This design is in San Giovanni in Laterano. Familiar patchwork shapes figure in most Cosmati floors. This floor is in San Giovanni in Laterano. Notice the background pattern, which is featured in Bella Bella Quilts ("Bella Roma" herringbone design).


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