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I’m so delighted to display these quilts made by readers and workshop participants. Thank you again to everyone for sharing your photos! I do hope this gallery will inspire others to embark on making a “Bella quilt,” but I am sure that even non-sewers will enjoy and appreciate this work. Thanks to everyone so very much.

Student Work: Bella Bella Quilts

Norma Banaka
Bella Roma

Norma Banaka

Norma Banaka

Norma Banaka
Venice Rose

Tami Bradley
Venice Rose

Louise Coombes
Cosmati Rings I

Barbara Gieskes
St. Mark's Wallhanging

Katrina Healey
Venice Rose

Vicki Hutter
Camarillo Rings II

Al Hutchins
St. Mark's

Al Hutchins
St. Mark's - Detail

Al & Barb Hutchins
St. Mark's Wedding

Linda Jaeggli
Mark’s Medallion

Madelyne Kiernan
Long Island Carneval

Sue Krause
Prairie Gems Raffle

Christiane Marzi
Venice Rose

Vicki Merchant
Wrap of Grapes

2007 Bee Quilt Nellie
Venice Rose

Nancy Rink
Arab Rose

Elana Schreiber
St. Mark’s Wallhanging

Jackie Simpson

William and JoAnn Sims
Romancing the Stone

Caroljoy Spensley
Look What I Found
on the Floor

Annemarie Sprinkle
St. Mark’s Wallhanging

Shari Woolaway
La Tour de France

Lora Martin

Penny Bridges
Cosmati Sampler

Colby Kline

Judy Rys
Indonesian Masks

Nancy Miller
San Pietro Quilt

Oleta Bennett
Tile Quilt

Diane Moore
San Pietro Sampler

student quilt
Marti Gin
4 Fish in the Fountain

student quilt
JoAnn Dovgin
October Rose

student quilt
Linda Estrada

student quilt
Karin Cooper
St. Mark's Rose

student quilt
Pamela Holst
Cosmati San

student quilt
Pamela Holst
Durham Cathedral

Carol Viera
Camarillo Rings

Student Work: Landscape Design and Technique

Megan Miley

Student Landscape

Student Landscape

Student Landscape

©2006 Norah McMeeking